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Project - SEEING SCIENCE: Photography, Science and Visual

April 25, 2017

I’m currently involved with the “Seeing Science” on-line project, organized by the University of Maryland at Baltimore County.  SEEING SCIENCE: Photography, Science and Visual Culture is a year-long project whose goal is to explore: the central role photographic images play in defining, shaping, promoting, and furthering science and how photographic images made in and about the sciences impact public opinion, policy and funding, science education, as well as visual and popular culture.

My contribution to the project is called “Picturing Science”. Every week, I contribute a group of thematically grouped images to the site. The images are culled from diverse online sources and are presented and transformed by their juxtaposition with each other—teasing out new meanings and contexts. Each grouping focuses on one theme or type of photographic image in order to reveal similarities among and variations between them. What results is a new understanding of how science related images are constructed, used, and perceived.

The project can be seen here:

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